Grief Recovery and Emotional Resilience

Pain Management,
Mental Wellbeing,
Weight Management,
Hormonal Health,
Digestive Health

Main benefits

  • Helps you to acknowledge and process unresolved grief 
  • Helps to relieve stress and anxiety 
  • Helps with emotional sensitivity  
  • Helps with sleep disorders 
  • Helps with stress relieving behaviours i.e. smoking, drinking, eating habits, OCD, workaholism 
  • Increases vital energy  
  • Enhances overall sense of wellbeing 

What it is and how it works 

Grief Recovery is an effective step-by-step programme which gently guides you, through simple actions, to let go of the pain and unfinished emotional turmoil caused by any kind of grief/loss in life. 

It is not ‘therapy’, but an educational process where you learn how to heal your heart from losses of the past, and it will equip you with easy to implement tools to help yourself if a new loss or situation occurs.  

It is the ONLY evidence-based grief programme in the world with research indicating measurable differences it makes to people’s emotional resilience, and positively impacting their overall wellbeing.

This actionable process taught on the programme, will leave you with lifelong knowledge and useful tools which can be applied for any loss in your life, whether tangible, or intangible.  

Example of the losses this programme is helpful for: Death of a loved one, death of a pet, miscarriage, loss of a friendship, end of a romantic relationship, divorce, geographical move, career change/job loss, change in circumstances, abuse, natural disasters and more.... 


The Grief Recovery Method came to being from the painful loss which John W. James experienced with the death of his young child in 1977.  John discovered a method and went through its full process dealing with his grief, while continuing his career in solar energy design. Acquaintances who heard of his loss and his remarkable recovery started recommending friends and relatives who too were dealing with loss, and John soon found he was spending as much time with grievers as he was with solar energy contractors. He quickly realised his grief recovery work was far more fulfilling and established the Grief Recovery Institute. 

Russell Friedman’s introduction to loss was through his second divorce coupled with bankruptcy. He would never have equated his circumstances with the word grief, had he not been dragged to a lecture on Grief Recovery presented by John W. James in 1986. The following day he turned up at the Grief Recovery Institute as a volunteer, and didn’t leave until his death in 2016. 

The Grief Recovery Institute’s primary principle is to ‘deliver grief recovery assistance to the largest number of people in the shortest period of time’.  

To meet this goal, the institute established training programs throughout the US, Canada, and the UK, enabling people who have themselves experienced grief and went through the full program, train as Grief Recovery Councillors, and help those in need.


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