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Find proven lifestyle medicine therapies, self-management tools, natural remedies, nutritional support, informational resources and expert practitioners, all in one place.

Effectively address the root cause, not just your symptoms.

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We are here to guide you as you start your journey, by removing the complexity of finding the right
Lifestyle Medicine approaches and tool kit, that meet your holistic health needs.

Based on your symptoms or condition(s), our evidence-based platform helps you easily find reliable and proven therapies, self-management tools, natural remedies, nutritional support, healthful activities, trusted information, and gives you access to expert practitioners.

We offer information explaining WHY the guidance helps, making it easy for you to take action.

Your personal journey
towards balanced health

Designed to inform and effectively manage symptoms and chronic (long-term) conditions that impact quality of life, our platform provides appropriate choices and step by step guidance on your personal health journey.

Rooted in data and evidence, we use a multi disciplinary approach to each condition or symptom, where you can choose a flexible path that meets your needs and sets you on a journey toward optimal health.
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Why lifestyle medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine takes a multifaceted approach to health, and focuses on root cause detection using proven therapies and tools to deliver effective outcomes for your overall health and wellbeing.

Make lasting and sustainable health improvements!
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Lifestyle Medicine - proven to improve health


of chronic diseases are caused by factors that are effectively prevented
with lifestyle approaches


of people with chronic conditions live with an illness that is unsupported impacting quality of life

Your wellbeing, powered by data and human connection

Our platform and smart personalisation is built on evidence from vast lifestyle and complementary medicine datasets.

Our approach integrates evidence data, machine learning and practitioners across multiple disciplines, to provide human care, powered by technology.

Unbiased research, no industry ties or advertising driven - Our focus is on rigorous analysis and optimisied for improving quality of life.
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