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Restore your health and balance your body & mind with trusted holistic approaches, that you can customise to your health-needs and preferences
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Of our users notice health improvements within a week of implementing Sanko guidance
Of our users report noticeable health improvements since starting on a Sanko Journey.

Powered by data and human connection

A symbiosis of AI and hands-on therapies for root-cause analysis, removes the complexity of finding relevant solutions, effectively supporting your health management

Systems approach to health

To maintain optimal health and prevent developing chronic health conditions requires regulating all our body systems for better function and overall balance.

To achieve this, we use a multi-disciplinary care approach - a combination of practices across multiple complementary medicine disciplines.

This is key to defining a new paradigm for healing: self-regulation tools and lifestyle therapies with practitioner support at the forefront of daily living.

Effective solutions for all

The adaptive nature of our solution means everyone can start where they want and choose a pathway for their needs
Approval by practitioners
Improved health
The Sanko holistic approach aims to regulate your body for better function, which helps with multiple health conditions at the same time
Evidence based
Our guidance is backed by evidence proven to be effective for specific health concerns as well as enhancing overall health
Outcome driven
Sanko solutions provide a conducive environment for innate healing and positive health outcomes
We encourage accountability and promote action for preventative care by combining knowledge, self-regulation and therapies

Multi-disciplinary approach

Proven to be the most effective path to health, Natural and Lifestyle Medicine is a field that uses evidence-based complementary therapies and lifestyle practices in order to prevent and manage a wide range of health issues, and supports the body's innate healing mechanisms.

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