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Emotional Resilience and Grief Recovery, specialising in trauma, grief and loss


mental health, hormonal health, depression, anxiety

Debi Richens is a Londoner brought up in Reading, and throughout her life has moved many times until 14 years ago, when she settled back in West Berkshire, where she now lives with her partner Simon, their spirited 8-year-old 3-legged Jack Russell called Macy, and their household is ruled by a 14-year-old African Grey Parrot called Harvey.


Debi and Simon are both parents and grandparents to their children from previous marriages, and throughout both their lives endured much trauma, loss, and estrangement. These painful past experiences provided Debi with deep personal understanding of adversity in all aspects, and when the Grief Recovery Method materialised in her life, all changed for the better. She started on her own healing journey, and from there it was a natural transition to a new career. Debi realised that with this method, just like for her, it would be life changing for others.

From a dentistry background, where she naturally supported patients suffering with stress and anxiety, Debi set up and ran her own bespoke bra-making business until she re-trained in the Grief Recovery method.

Debi is now supporting her clients as an Emotional Resilience coach, and is a certified advanced Grief Recovery specialist. She feels privileged to able to coach and support others with this method, helping people to find peace, heal from past traumas, and thrive once again.  


Debi is also a Mentor for the Santander Breakthrough Women-in-Business Programme and has set up a support group called ‘Berkshire Grandparents’ and is regularly involved in lobbying parliament for changes in the law to ensure that grandchildren have a right of access to their grandparents and their wider family circle.

A lifelong learner, Debi loves exploring and walking in beautiful countryside, and being creative, enjoys painting and photography.

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