Our solutions

We are committed to helping people elevate their wellbeing through prevention and improving their health by personalising the use of multi-disciplinary and natural lifestyle medicine practices. In addition, we provide evidence based Insights for genuine understanding why the multifaceted approach to good health is important.


Created by the Sanko research team in collaboration with our panel of clinical advisors and expert practitioners from multiple disciplines, all insights are backed by evidence and latest scientific research.

The bite-sized information is devised for easy reading and assimilation, with the objective to provide the reader with deeper knowledge and greater awareness of any health needs, and specific topics pertaining to health and wellbeing. We believe that through deeper understanding comes motivation and self-confidence to take action. 

Self-management tools

Our bodies are dynamic and are constantly changing as we go through the various phases of our life. Sanko's self-management toolkit is intended for specific health concerns adapting to personal needs at any stage of life.  

With focus on outcomes, we offer a collection of practical tools, tips and self-care practices from 40+ complementary and lifestyle medicine disciplines, which are effective and easy to implement as part of self-care routine which we encourage.  

These self-management tools provide agency and power to proactively manage health and actively improve quality of life. 

As health needs, evidence and science evolve, we can offer an ongoing support by continually adding new information, tools and practices to keep you up to date with the latest research in natural health approaches.

Multi-disciplinary therapies

It has been proven that a multi dimensional lifestyle medicine approach to health and healing is most effective for best results, as one approach might not be sufficient to address chronic health conditions, which arise when our body’s multi-system structures get severely out of balance. 

The use of multidisciplinary complementary therapies and practices is therefore the optimal way to support our whole body and mind to improve and maintain our health.