About us

At Sanko, we are reimagining prevention and regenerative wellbeing by changing the way we understand health,
and creating a world where everyone can participate in their own well-being, prevent chronic illnesses,
improve their quality of life and pursue their highest potential

Why we started

Our society is experiencing a growing pandemic of chronic illnesses, affecting our overall physical and mental health, which is not always addressed effectively by conventional medicine approaches designed for acute care.

However, it is never too late, as anytime is a good time to course-correct with easy lifestyle changes and feel in control of our own health and life. As non-acute health issues are on the rise, many people are actively seeking credible pathways that can provide a different lens to better manage their health.

Sanko's core belief is that experiencing our highest potential and building social cohesion starts with balanced health of the body and mind. When we enjoy good health and have a strong sense of wellbeing, we are kind to ourselves and to others, we are better friends, family members, partners and contributing members of our society.

We started Sanko with this mission in mind - to encourage everyone - wherever they find themselves on their health scale - to proactively take care of their health by effectively addressing the root cause, not just symptoms, naturally.

Sanko offers easy, relatable, effective and affordable access to natural and holistic solutions, which is both high impact and cost effective, so that prevention and continuous self-care as general health maintenance becomes a second nature.

Our philosophy

We believe that HEALTH is a personal quest, and needs to be approached through a multi-faceted lens for best outcomes. Our philosophy is that health needs to be approached through a multi-faceted lens, as one type of discipline or treatment may not be sufficient to treat today’s overwhelming health conditions.

Taking the multi-therapeutic approach is key to defining a new paradigm: self-management tools and lifestyle therapies combine objective knowledge with subjective experiential practices, and should be at the forefront of daily living. In addition, having a choice and flexibility is important for success, making the quest for balanced health meaningful, while enabling us to be in charge of our own wellbeing.

Most chronic conditions are due to imbalances in two or more bodily systems (ie; immune, metabolic, nervous, endocrine, digestive, renal etc), and a result of a multitude of external and internal factors accumulated over time, therefore, a single application or one type of therapy may not be sufficient to treat and heal the whole body on all levels.

By leveraging data and technology we aim to simplify access to a stepped guidance and a holistic toolkit - amalgamation of natural practices and therapies across multiple disciplines which can be easily adopted into everyday life.

Novel approach

Honoring individuality, multi-faceted holistic solutions guide users from education to actionable advice by integrating learning, knowledge, and practice—all in one place.

We provide easy access to a broad spectrum of proven self-help tools and therapies that offer choices and guidance, encouraging users to look after their own health and wellbeing, irrespective of where they are on their health journey. Every Sanko recommendation and personalised guidance has proven health benefits and is backed by evidence and scientific research.

We take into consideration that even though a symptom or condition may be common, each person experiences it differently, therefore the treatment approach must be unique to each individual.

Sanko AI makes our guidance contextual and dynamic, and adapts to the changing health requirements and personal preferences of each individual user over time.

Measuring Impact: Health quality score

We aim to provide our clients with a health quality score - a measure for improvement in overall health as well as quality of life. We will take multi-dimensional data points to calculate the score (a combination of blood markers, wearable data and personal measure of energy, mood, digestion/elimination, improved sense of wellbeing etc).

At individual level, this will help assess improvements in specific areas of health and body function along with emotions, energy levels, sleep quality, posture, mobility, and much more. For organisations, the comprehensive scale will provide metrics for engagement, retention and productivity.  

Our Name Śankō

The origins of our name comes from a combination of 2 classic Asian languages - Sanskrit and Japanese.
San in Sanskrit means “to bestow” and Anko in traditional Japanese means “balanced health”.

Similar to the methodology of eastern medicine and it's focus on balanced health, Sanko takes a systems approach to overall health, addressing issues before they evolve into greater challenges and providing support to bring balance when out of balance.

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