Chi Nei Tsang

Pain Management,
Mental Wellbeing,
Weight Management,
Hormonal Health,
Digestive Health

Main benefits

  • Helps with overall digestive health
  • Stimulates the internal organs for optimal function
  • Helps to improve elimination
  • Stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems
  • Helps with detoxification
  • Restores natural posture and structure
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system
  • Releases the body of physical and emotional tension
  • Helps to restore vitality
  • Enhances overall sense of wellbeing

What it is and how it works

In Chinese, Chi = energy and Nei Tsang= organs

Chi Nei Tsang therefore translates as “working the energy of the internal organs” and is a form of massage therapy with origins from Taoist monks in China and Northern Thailand.  

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient and powerful method of hands-on healing that works with the major systems of the body: breath, vascular, lymphatic, nervous, fasciae/tendon/muscle and acupuncture meridians.

It is a profound therapeutic abdominal massage, using a combination of gentle, soft, and deep touch and various massage techniques over the abdominal area, working on the visceral structures and positioning of the internal organs, stimulating them to work more efficiently, and helping to correct any postural problems resulting from visceral imbalances. A set of acupressure points around the navel are used to open the flow of energy, stimulating the blood and lymph circulation in the abdomen.

The often chronically contracted abdominal muscles and ligaments get released through gentle rocking, stretching, and shaking, which allows the process of breathing to engage the abdomen so that internal organs are prompted to work more efficiently. In addition, it helps to releases any tension and negative emotions, bringing comfort, relief and vital energy to the abdomen and the internal organs.

Chi Nei Tsang is an effective treatment for a broad spectrum of digestive problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and constipation as it helps eliminate toxins in the gastrointestinal tract and promotes lymphatic drainage. As with any massage, the effect of Chi Nei Tsang is loosening of muscles and easing of the tension, bringing relief from pain and general sense of calm and well-being.

Often, Chi Nei Tsang practitioners may give their clients guidance to use some of the massage techniques at home as a self-help strategy to support the professional treatments received.


Like acupuncture, herbology, and other modalities of Chinese medicine, Chi Nei Tsang is based on the ancient Taoists’ experiences of the inner and outer forces that create and maintain life, and was developed by the White Cloud Taoist Monks in ancient China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907)

The Taoists believed that the laws of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements connect the macrocosm of nature (elements and seasons) and the microcosm of man (the organs and energies of the human body), and perfect balance can be achieved.

Grand Master Mantak Chia, who learnt Chi Nei Tsang from one of several Taoist masters he studied with in Thailand, brought CNT to America in1979 with his wife Maneewan as part of their Healing Tao teachings. These teachings have been transmitted in numerous books, including Chi Nei Tsang andAwaken Healing Light of the Tao.

Today there are more than 250 active Healing Tao instructors worldwide as well as some 50 certified CNT practitioners. There are also hundreds of body workers and healers who have integrated some CNT techniques into their own approaches.


Experts practising this therapy