Mineral salt baths (chronic fatigue)

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Mineral salt baths have been used for hundreds of years to ease all kinds of ailments, and to this day, it is is a popular natural remedy for overall health. The two most known bath salts are Epsom salt and Sea salt.

Epsom salt is not actually salt, but a chemical compound found in water consisting of magnesium, sulphur, and oxygen, and crystallises just like salt. Sea salt is also obtained by evaporation, which has a different chemical structure - sodium chloride, with some trace minerals in varying degrees such as zinc, iron, and potassium.


Both Epsom salt and Sea salt are natural healers in warm water, and the addition of 10 drops of essential oil to the bath can enhance the healing benefits further. The recommended oils for the relief of chronic fatigue and low energy are bergamot, orange, rose and energising lavender.

Mineral salt baths are anti-inflammatory and help soothe and relax tired muscles, loosen stiff joints as well as calm the mind.

Use minimum of 2 cups of salts per tub of water.

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