Essential oils (anxiety and stress)

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For the relief of Anxiety, use one or two of the following essential oils:

Sweet Orange, Vetiver, Patchouli or Rose

Or a calming blend from our products page - Adaptiv


Essential oils are an effective aromatherapy tool to relieve the feelings of stress and anxiety.

As we inhale the fragrances of the oils, the airborne molecules stimulate our olfactory system, and immediately the brain, the limbic system and the amygdala, via a variety of sensory receptors, interacting with the part of the brain which controls our heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and the stress responses, and these sensory data relay calming signals which help the body to relax, regulating and soothing our nervous system, easing the mind, and relieving any feelings of anxiety and stress.

Use 4 drops in a room diffuser or a foot soak, 10 drops in a relaxing bath, or simply add a couple of drops to your body cream.

Please note!  Essential oils are for topical use only!

If you are planning a self massage, dilute essential oil with a carrier oil to the following ratio: 1 teaspoon carrier oil with 2 drops of essential oil, and follow this video guidance