Healing fractures and injuries  
with advanced Yogic relaxation method (Y.P.E.T.)

Designed to expedite recovery from fractures, injuries, as well as various pain conditions
by supporting the body's innate repair mechanisms
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What is YPET?

Yogic Prana Energisation Technique (YPET) is an advanced yoga relaxation practice, which, according to yogic science, activates the subtle energies within the body (prana), that revitalises the tissues, helping restore healthy function and promotes healing.

What does the journey entail?

This journey comprises 4 sequential steps which progressively deepen the internal awareness and build a connection with one’s A.N.S. (autonomic nervous system) that helps in developing voluntary mastery over the subtle energy system of your body (prana).

Each step is a building block for the next. Once all the steps are learnt, one can understand how to use them independently or in combinations for different pain conditions.
Step 1
Tapping into Prana
Step 2
Primodial vibrations
Step 3
Step 4
Unity of all YPET aspects

What are the benefits? 

The journey will set you on a sustainable path to transform your physiology from ‘trauma’ (fracture/injury/pain) state into physiology of accelerated recovery and healing state, regulating your innate pharmacy.

It will help provide a conducive environment for optimal repair and healing, and as the effects are cumulative, with repetition, you will notice positive results quicker as it helps to balance all body systems, enhancing overall quality of life.

For whom is this journey suitable?

Although this journey is suitable for absolutely everybody, it is highly recommended for those with any fractures, injuries (ligament tears, sprains etc) and musculoskeletal issues (back pain, neck pain, knee pain etc), as well as stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, sleep troubles etc....

This journey can be also be used by yoga teachers/therapists to expand their skillset and apply this yoga therapy to accelerate their client's healing - clients that might have limited mobility due to sustained injuries.