Transforming stress into resilience

Designed to help you manage stress with ease, regulate your nervous system and support your body on all levels
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What is stress?

Stress is our body’s natural physiological response to danger and can be defined as any type of change which causes us physical, emotional or psychological strain and discomfort.

It is our body's autonomous reaction to anything that is, or seems unsafe, or requires unsettling attention or action.

When stressors (real or perceived) are present in our environment, our biochemistry changes in an instant as part of our neuroendocrine system, which is activated and then switched off once the danger or threat is over.  

Everyone is exposed to daily, short-lived stressors or experiences stress to some degree (exams, traffic jams, work deadlines, finances, heartaches, child falling off a bike etc...), as it isn't possible to live a totally stress-free life, however the way we respond to stress makes a big difference to our overall well-being, especially when stress becomes chronic, causing ill health.

What does the journey entail?

This journey comprises 5 sequential steps, each containing practical and easily actionable tools to help you manage stressful situations as they occur, as well as useful Insights, providing deeper understanding and greater awareness to support you on your path to resilience.
Step 1
Aligning the
nervous systems
Step 2
Regulating the
stress response
Step 3
Promoting optimal
gut health
Step 4
Balancing body systems
through sensory applications
Step 5
Building emotional

What are the benefits? 

The journey will set you on a sustainable path to learn how to transform your physiology from ‘danger’ (stress state) into physiology of quick recovery (safety state), while increasing clarity of thought and enhancing your overall health and quality of life.

It will help balance your endocrine and nervous systems, and regulate your innate pharmacy to generate stress reducing hormones. By reducing the effects of stress on your body, you will also be able to resolve any other underlying health issues which might have manifested due to chronic stress.