Transition through menopause with ease

Designed to support your overall wellbeing during the menopausal phase of your life
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What is menopause?

Menopause is a temporary change in a woman’s body's chemistry, and a natural hormonal transition which starts approximately a year after the last menstruation. The classic menopausal symptoms women experiences are all connected to the reduced levels of oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

As the body adjusts, it begins to use energy differently, affecting every woman uniquely, and may impact their body composition, body shape and bone health.  

Menopause symptoms, sometimes debilitating, are often viewed as something women have to put up with, and something that is completely out of their hands. That is not the case however, as there are many ways to minimise symptoms and transition through menopause with ease - naturally.

What does the journey entail?

This journey comprises 6 sequential steps, each containing practical and easily actionable tools to help you through, as well as Insights, providing deeper understanding and greater awareness to support you on your path to vitality at such an important stage of your life.
Step 1
Nurturing body systems
and hormone hierarchy
Step 2
Calming the nervous system through the senses and conscious movement
Step 3
Rejuvenating the body through energy and stillness
Step 4
Enhancing all flows and detox for optimal body function
Step 5
Promoting metabolic health and regulating insulin levels
Step 6
Taming inflammation while improving immune system and liver function

What are the benefits? 

This journey offers a strategy to effectively regulate and support your overall health and wellbeing during the natural hormonal transition of menopause, which will help minimise the classic symptoms, so you can continue enjoying your life to the full.

Embracing the various tools we provide as a guideline will reveal the practices that resonate with you the most, so you can incorporate them as part of your health maintenance going forward.