Managing Menopause

Designed to support you to manage through the menopause transition with ease and joy
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What is menopause?

Menopause is a temporary change in a woman’s body's chemistry, and a natural hormonal transition approximately a year after the last menstruation. The classic menopausal symptoms women experiences are all connected to the reduced levels of oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. As the body adjusts, it begins to use energy differently, affecting every woman uniquely, and may impact their body composition, body shape and bone health.  

Menopause symptoms are often viewed as something women have to deal with and something that is completely out of their hands. That is not the case however, as there are many ways to minimise symptoms and transition with greater ease naturally.

This journey is designed to regulate and support your body overall, so you can manage through this natural transition with ease and enjoy your life to the full.

What does the journey entail?

This journey comprises 6 sequential steps, each containing a step by step guidance with two practical self-management tools which are time efficient and easily actionable. 

We explain the how and why the recommendations help, so you can incorporate them into your lifestyle knowing their health benefits.

Each step also includes high value insights to reflect upon, providing greater awareness and deeper understanding of your current health needs, which will support your path further.
Step 1
Body function, chemistry
and hormone hierarchy
Step 2
Nervous system essentials
and stress regulation
Step 3
Speed it up and
slow it down
Step 4
Enhancing better flow with
toxic overload awareness
Step 5
Promoting metabolic health and regulating insulin levels
Step 6
Cooling it all down and
improving liver function

What are the benefits? 

As everyone is different, your goals, expectations, starting point and outcome will be unique to you.

To get the most out of this guided journey, we recommend fully embracing the 2 practical tools in each step for a full week, noticing subtle daily improvements as a result of your efforts.

As you go through the experiences week by week, you will observe positive shifts, lessening of your symptoms, and experience a sense of well-being which is accumulative, encouraging you to continue and reap more benefits.

Enjoy these observations, as they are not only rewarding, but important to select the practices which resonate with you the most, and which could become your health-supporting habits going forward.