'Sweet Sleep' magnesium butter

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'Sweet Sleep' magnesium butter
From Sweet Bee Organics

Most of the world's population is devoid of a vital nutrient, magnesium. Our soil just doesn't have the nutrients it once had.

Magnesium plays a major part in our overall health, as approx 300 essential functions in our body depend on this mineral, many of these having an impact on our endocrine system. Research reveals that magnesium is key in managing our circadian rhythm steady in order to control sleep, wakefulness, body temperature regulation, hormonal regulation and many other bodily functions down to the cellular level. In addition, Calcium and vitamin D need magnesium to be metabolised properly -vital for bone strength.

Without magnesium, we have trouble sleeping, can get migraines, struggle emotionally with anxiety, suffer with pain, get restless leg syndrome, and possibly many other ailments.

Also, women that are going through the menopause suffer with sleepless nights, tossing and turning. Restless leg seems to be much more prevalent at this time as well.

The magnesium butter is formulated to help you get the magnesium your body so desperately craves, and can be used on anyone from babies to adults as it is super mild and gentle.

Take a grape-sized portion out of the jar and simply rub it on the bottoms of your feet and into your calves. Use it at bedtime to give you a restful night's sleep. If you wish to learn more, check out this link for magnesium butter.