Sonya Dibbin

Winchester, United Kingdom
stress, anxiety, emotional health, hormonal health, immunity, insomnia, better overall health, family relationships,
Forest Bathing, EcoNidra


Sonya Dibbin is a qualified Forest Therapy and Mindfulness Guide. She left her life in the corporate world in 2019 to set up Adore Your Outdoors, and now dedicates her time to helping humans reconnect with nature. Recent evidence from the UK shows that connection with nature, as opposed to time spent in nature, is most beneficial for our mental and psychological health.

Sonya’s unique nature connection practices result in long-lasting feelings of calm, clarity and creativity. Her mix of guided meditation, sensory, nature-based mindfulness and opportunities for quiet reflection make it easy to let go of the little things, and fully embrace the wonder of the natural world. She runs in-person half-day retreats in Hampshire and Berkshire, as well as online courses when the activities can be done in gardens or any other outdoor spaces.  

Sonya takes her inspiration from the Japanese practice ‘Shinrin-Yoku’ which can be translated as ‘bathing your senses in the atmosphere of the forest’. This is often shortened to ‘Forest Bathing’, but there’s no shower-cap required!

With a strong personal belief in the health and wellness benefits of reconnecting with nature, Sonya loves solo mindful meditation under the trees as much as she enjoys volunteering with the Wildlife Trust. She loves trees and moss with a passion and is proud of it! Despite not even owning a pair of wellies as a kid, the minute she knew she was to become a mother, she knew the best gift she could ever give to her child was a love for all seasons – even winter.

Sonya has a Forest Therapy Guide qualification accredited by the Global Institute of Forest Therapy, a Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, and is also a trained mental health first-aider. She also holds a BA Hons in Modern Languages and Information Systems from the University of the West of England, Bristol, and prior to setting up Adore Your Outdoors’, worked in Technology Management in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

She lives in Winchester, Hampshire, enjoying her dream life she designed for her family: spending more time outdoors, making choices that serve humanity and the natural world alike, whilst building a legacy to leave behind.  

Sonya's work can be accessed from her website.