Saffron Ellidge

Marlborough, United Kingdom
Anxiety, PTSD, stress, depression, grief, exhaustion, life-path counselling, hormonal imbalances, menopause, headaches, insomnia, digestive complaints, backache, chronic fatigue and long Covid, autoimmune conditions, chronic pain
Acupuncture and Face Reading


In 1999, the stress of working for a women’s magazine left Saffron physically and emotionally wrecked. A wonderful acupuncturist helped bring her back into balance: the treatments alleviated her headaches, digestive issues, back ache, panic attacks and high stress levels, among other symptoms.

Saffron says: “It was bliss to feel calm, re-energised, clear – and finally able to make healthier decisions about my work and relationships. I was compelled to become an acupuncturist myself so I could help others in the same powerful way.”

Many of us are suffering from anxiety, stress, PTSD or depression, and Saffron is increasingly specialising in these and their related physical conditions, to help clients regain a sense of balance and peace.

Saffron also specialises in face reading, which gives her a profound understanding of people's health, emotions, character and deeper motivations. She says: “Face reading has transformed my approach to life, enabling me to find and follow my own true path with confidence. I love guiding my clients to a deeper sense of themselves and what's truly important to them, enabling them to transform their lives too.”

In recent years she has come back to her roots near Marlborough, where she sees clients via Zoom or in her clinic surrounded by the beautiful countryside of the Wiltshire-Hampshire-Berkshire borders.

Saffron graduated with a licentiate in acupuncture from the College of Integrated ChineseMedicine in Reading in 2005, and did an advanced apprenticeship and Master FaceReading Certification Programme with the international face-reading authority Lillian Bridges.

Face Reading

By studying the features, lines and markings on your face, an experienced face reader can identify character, strengths and potential as well as the old patterns, traumas and repressed emotions holding you back.

Working either in person or online, a face reader will help you access and release these patterns so you can move forward in your life, enjoy greater clarity and emotional balance, and live more freely and authentically – be your natural self.

A face reading covers  health, relationships, career, creativity, money relationship and friendships. The aim is for you to feel liberated on a profound level to be your true self so you can pursue your unique path in life, bringing you fulfilment and a sense of purpose and deep connection with others.