Pragati Oswal

Pain management, injuries, fractures, breathwork, yoga
Wellness Mentor, Pain Relief Expert
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Pragati Oswal is a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Practitioner, Researcher & Public Speaker with 15 years of experience in holistic healing, Yoga(MSc), Sujok acupressure and energy healing.

Through the unique combinations of these skills, she provides holistic solutions that tap body’s innate intelligence to facilitate pain relief, healing and wellness.

Her research work on the acceleration of self-healing process through yogic meditation got published in the international Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine(impact value -2.6), and is the base of her course - Healing fractures and injuries with Yogic relaxation method.

At present, Pragati conducts Live Online Sessions & workshops for various Corporates, as well as Interns/Student Groups/Individual Groups on Holistic Health and
Wellbeing. She imparts a relatable perspective on self-healing as well as non-pharmacological methods for management of many common aches and pain (back & neck pain, fatigue), mental and emotional stress (anxiety, insomnia etc) and other chronic conditions.

In addition, Pragati trains psychologists, yoga therapists, art therapists etc in complementary methods for pain-relief. In some of her workshops she employs theatrical tactics to facilitate introspection and catharsis (purgation of emotion).

Her Range of Work includes

  • Corporate Wellness (Genpact & United Way – Present)
  • Virtual Self-Healing and Meditation Sessions (Present)
  • Pain Relief & Wellness (Mind & Brain Hospital, Bangalore, 2020-2021)
  • High Performance Mental Training (Mahesh Bhupati Tennis Academy, Bangalore, 2016 -2019)
  • Palliative Care for Cancer (Karunashraya Cancer Care Centre-Bangalore, 2014)
  • Wellness Innovation & Research (Gramothan Foundation & Shruti Foundation, 2012-2014)
  • Yoga for Special Children (Delhi Council for Child-Welfare 2005-2007)
  • Mind-Body Therapy (Sant Parmanand Hospital Delhi (2004-2007), Parimala Hospital (2008-2009)!/PragatiOswal

Pragati Oswal (@wellness_monologuist) Instagram photos and videos