Kat Chu  

Nottingham, United Kingdom
pain relief, anxiety, stress, digestive issues, hormonal balancing, mental health, immune system support,
Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine,


Kat is an acupuncturist and the fourth generation Consultant in Chinese Medicine in her family, and has worked as a consultant and a mentor within the field of Chinese Medicine for over 20 years, and presently specialises in deep trauma, chronic disease and infertility, and works internationally.

Kat gained her BSc in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture at Lincoln University and has continued extensive post-graduate studies in all aspects of Traditional East Asian and Energy Medicine.

She brings an eclectic mix of skills and expertise to her practice, including advance scar work, advance clinical bodywork, bone work and is a Chinese medicated diet specialist.

Kat is also a meditation teacher and the founder of her own unique system she calls “Flow Mechanics", and has cultivated these methods from an in-depth knowledge of ancient healing practices gleaned from her Chinese grandmother, and reshaped them to meet the needs of modern-day lifestyles and current health challenges.

Kat holds following qualifications: BSc, MBAaC, licensed acupuncturist, Cert KHT(Seoul)