Jeffrey Lester

Atlanta, USA; Lisbon, Portugal, London, United Kingdom;
mental health, stress management, relaxation, overall health and wellbeing
Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Story work


Jeff is a yoga teacher and coach from the USA, and his practice revolves around yoga, meditation and self-inquiry through awareness. Jeff offers meditation courses, yin yoga, and coaching through yoga and story work.

Jeff’s Yoga journey began with an epiphany in 2014, half-way through his engineering master’s degree in France, when he realised, he was not actually studying for himself, but to please those around him. So, he decided to quit his studies, move to London for the sake of pursuing his deep interests in health, fitness and wellness, where he discovered The House of Yoga, and it was there his new career path started to emerge.  

Since then, traveling, training, and teaching around the world have all become mainstays in Jeff’s life, enriching people’s lives with his knowledge experience and deep understanding.

It has been a whirlwind of a dream come true. To merge my passion for travel and working with purpose”

Story work

Story work is about using our language to move any stuck blockages of the past, while being a more empowered co-creator in the present. This helps to heal old wounds from the past, leading to considerable breakthroughs for the present and future.

Roughly 95% of the time we are operating from our subconscious, when our thoughts and words escape our awareness and discernment in every moment when not paying attention. There is a subset of our language that places us in a disempowered state of being.

By becoming aware of these language patterns and the stories they shape about ourselves and others, we can greatly influence the quality and direction of our life. The thoughts we believe, influence the words we speak (or do not speak), our words create the story about our relationship with ourselves and others, which influences our self-perception and actions, which influences our identity, and over time our destiny. With greater conscious awareness we can influence our entire process: identity to destiny.

One of the most valuable gifts someone can bring into being, is the wisdom and knowing that if they look at, and carefully choose their words, everything down the line, right up to our destiny, can be consciously shaped.