Hannah Hatherell

Hungerford and Marlborough, United Kingdom
Anxiety, anger management, behavioural issues, stress, phobias, diabetes, depression, confidence, fatigue, habit disorders, pain management, fertility, HypnoBirthing, postnatal depression, menopause, common addictions, trauma, PTSD, weight management
Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching,


Hannah Hatherell is an award-winning Hypnotherapist, Calmer Mind Coach, and Anxiety specialist. She has been running her business Natural Hypnotherapy since 2008, helping her clients in London and Wiltshire to conquer their anxieties. Her work has been featured in Juno, Spirit and Destiny Magazines.

Hannah loves making a difference helping people to rediscover their calm, and is known for her down-to-earth approach at helping her clients understand why they feel like they do, and how to better deal with and overcome some of life’s issues.

She offers therapeutic sessions and group workshops and will enthuse you with her energy. Workshops contain a mix of information, science, hacks and relaxation.

Hannah noticed a distinct up-turn in the number of clients calling her office for help with symptoms of anxiety, stress and worry, and is passionate about finding a solution for each individual.

Anxiety can materialise in many guises, from anxiety surrounding a particular issue or a one-off-event, through to generalised anxiety where the client may not have any awareness as to the WHY they are feeling anxious.

However, family issues, work pressure, lack of confidence, phobias, grief and traumas seem to be among the most common causes.

She is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register, CNHC Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council as well as being a member of the Hypnosis Growth Club. Hannah regularly attends further training to learn the latest approaches in the science of Hypnotherapy, and applies the new tools and latest methods to her practice, expanding her offerings to her clients.

In addition, Hannah helps women with hormonal and reproductive health issues from fertility, postnatal depression and menopausal relief, and  runs HypnoBirthing courses.

Hannah lives in Wiltshire and works from her home-based practice, and offers Hypnotherapy sessions via Zoom, which eliminates the geographical restraints and allows anyone from anywhere to work with her.