Fiona Cath

Hungerford, United Kingdom
muscle strength, bone strength, body alignment, pain management, greater motion, overall sense of wellbeing, weight management,
Personal trainer, strength for longevity and mobility


“Personal training is all about people and their journeys to a healthier future. I get tremendous satisfaction from helping my clients and notice all sorts of improvements.” says Fiona, who believes that specific exercises for strength and flexibility improve people’s overall health, enhances their quality of life, and enables them to remain active and functional into their golden years.  

Having been a veterinary nurse and a schoolteacher, Fiona has a broad knowledge and experience dealing with people of all ages and has the ability to work with each individual collaboratively, for best outcomes. She makes exercise fun and includes a variety of primal movements to improve everyday functioning and teaches her clients about the benefits of exercise with a refreshing perspective.

She creates personal programmes for her clients based on their health goals, and each individual is considered holistically, looking at lifestyle, eating and sleeping habits, as well as activity levels, preferences and medical history.

Fiona lives on a farm in West Berkshire, and works from a purpose built, light-filled and well equipped shed in her manicured garden, offering clients a space to get away from it all. Her beautiful working sheepdogs wait patiently outside while in session, and come and say hello in support once the training is done.

Fiona holds an L3 Diploma in FitnessInstructing and Personal Training, L3 Diploma in Exercise Referral (medical conditions) and L3 Diploma in Mat Pilates.