Belinda Spanswick

Hungerford, United Kingdom
pain management, pain relief, sports rehabilitation, muscle tension, muscle strain, posture, fascial health
Sports massage, Myofascial release, Pilates


Whilst working for many years in the service industry providing software systems for the medical industry, Belinda has always had a keen interest in health and fitness, and the impact that exercise has on overall health. This fascination led her to train as a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist with Premier Training (Premier Global) when she decided to leave the corporate environment to follow her passion.

Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy led to Body Control Pilates teacher training, and later to Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy.    

Belinda now incorporates all the aspects of her skillsets to her treatments, and with her wealth of knowledge and years of practical experience, helps people reach their health and fitness goals.

At the start of her PT and sports massage career, Belinda received valuable experience while working at Progression Fitness based at Newbury Rugby Club, where besides teaching good technique, providing encouragement, advice and devising personalised fitness programs, she worked alongside the physiotherapist, providing pre- and post-match treatments for the rugby team.

In Pilates, to date, Belinda’s focus has been on mat work, and she is currently training towards teaching on Pilates Studio Equipment. She runs several group classes in West Berkshire and teaches on 1:1 basis as well.

Teaching correct alignment and movement, seeing clients getting stronger with more stability, improved flexibility and mobility inspires Belinda in her work, as optimal posture often leads to reduced discomfort and pain levels.

The Pilates method is very complimentary to the Sports Massage Therapy and provides another level of rehabilitative body work and self-management which is very positive and empowering for the client.

Sports Massage Therapy is mostly based on traditional Swedish Massage techniques; however, it doesn’t usually follow a specific routine, but a ‘treat as you find’ method which Belinda finds very intuitive and effective. While working, listening to client’s feedback helps her further to ascertain which of the several massage and stretching techniques to use, as well as any trigger point work needed, often followed by rehabilitation exercises for best management.  

Belinda continues adding more specialist therapy methods to her training with the London School of Sports Massage Therapy, and over the years has introduced Myofascial Release into her treatments having studied with Steven Goldstein (Fascial Therapy Institute Australia) and Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains and Fascial Release).

Myofascial Release is a gentler treatment; however, it is extremely powerful as it works more three dimensionally.  

Anatomy Trains and Fascial Release has also influenced how Belinda teaches Pilates.

Belinda specialises in body Control Pilates, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release (dip LSSM)