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‘Juicing’ is a process, where the juices from fresh fruits and vegetables are extracted, resulting in a liquid containing most of the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals naturally present in the whole vegetable/fruit. The nutritious juices also contain soluble fibre, a pre-biotic which promotes growth of probiotics (beneficial bacteria), which promotes balance of our microbiome, necessary for our gut health, as the gut is a key player in hormone production and detoxification.

Freshly made juices from a variety of vegetables and fruits are easy to absorb, allowing us to get good quantity of diverse nutrients from vegetables and fruits that we wouldn’t normally consume in such quantity. These provide us with rich nourishment and contribute to balancing our body chemistry so we can function optimally on all levels – physiological, mental and emotional. It is a very effective way to boost our system and help speed up our recovery and healing.

Juicing is generally used for two purposes: for detoxification as part of a cleansing regime, and as a boost of nutrients to daily diet, however, it can also be targeted as specific supplementation to individual needs by choosing fresh ingredients rich in vitamins or minerals beneficial for certain health conditions.  

Juicing is particularly effective for improving our overall hormonal health, which contributes to the relief of stress and anxiety.

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