Avoid hidden sugars

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We live in a sea of sugar and flour, which is everywhere, and in everything

Such high consumption of sugars (flour turns into sugars when digested) in our daily diet results in overly high blood-sugar levels, which puts burden on all the mechanisms of the body, causing major imbalances, leading to disease and rapid ageing.

Enjoying the occasional ice cream, chocolate or celebratory slice of cake does not result in disease, however, our daily diet with all the hidden sugars is one of the key reasons for uptick in chronic diseases of today.

Unknowingly, we consume a lot of added sugars on daily basis, as most of the packaged food available contains sugar, and lots of it! For example, one serving of store-bought tomato sauce can contain more sugar than a serving of Oreo biscuits! And a glass of store-bought orange juice can be equivalent to drinking a can of sugary fizzy soft drink.

Often, it is not the table sugar you add to your dishes at home that is the issue, but the sugar that the food industry adds to packaged and processed food products which is the big problem!

Please pay attention to what you and your family eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The breakfast cereals on supermarket shelves, the ready-made sandwiches and pies, the convenient pre-prepared meals or that cup of coffee or frappuccino laced with flavoured syrups - these are all laden with highly absorbable sugar, skyrocketing our blood glucose levels out of proportion.

Train to identify ingredients on processed food packet for highly absorbable sugars

If you see any of the following such as refined flour, high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), or soybean oil, please try and avoid consuming such foods. HFCS is added to many foods labelled as “healthy” such as salad dressings, whole grain cereals etc. Please check the labels and avoid HFCS from your diet.

When we reduce the consumption of sugar-laden foods in our daily diet, we can balance our blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance, which is a critical requirement for improving overall health and wellbeing.

Vamshi Lingampally, Functional Nutrition