The Posture Pain Fix

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The Posture Pain Fix

I love to run.

Unfortunately, the older I get the harder it is on my body, even when I stick to the soft ground in the forest behind my house. I am starting to have pain in my hips which I didn’t have before.

My family history is repeating.

You see, I am the youngest of 5 children, and both of my sisters also had hip issues. One of my sister’s took the traditional medical route and had her hip replaced while still in her 40s.

My other sister took the non-traditional route and spend months re-learning how to walk, sit, and move in the world.

It is the second way of approaching pain that is outlined in the book “The Posture Pain Fix” by Rosalind Ferry. It is this approach that I have taken to handle my own hip pain.

In Rosalind’s book is extremely practical and shows you exactly how and where your body posture is leading to the pain you feel. Our body is one long kinetic chain, and when we compensate in one area, it can lead to a host of related issues in a totally different part of the area.

Yet, when we focus on good posture we can avoid the unnecessary wear and tear on our joints and disks that lead to pain.

Who knew that we would want to re-learn how to walk, sit, and even sleep? Who knew that there was a way to watch TV from bed?

With clear illustrations for how to work from a computer, write, read, ride a bicycle, load the car, and more, Rosalind Ferry has your alignment in mind.

If you don’t want to suffer from the i-hunch and other alignment issues, please check out this book.

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