Forest Bathing

M. Amos Clifford
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The exploration of forest bathing in this book is based on the practice I and my colleagues at the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT) have developed and refer to what we are doing as ‘Forest Therapy’.


I view the terms Shinrin-Yoku, Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy as almost interchangeable. There is only one subtle difference, in that Forest Therapy implies that the practice is taken up with an intentional goal of some type of healing, best done with a trained guide.


In Japan, besides Shinrin-Yoku, guides will sometimes describe what they do as ‘Shinrin-Therapy’. The methods they employ are focused on boosting wellness and preventing disease.


‘Forest Bathing’ suggests to me amore casual experience among trees, unburdened by expectations, oriented to simple pleasure.


This book offers you a framework and specific activities you can use to explore forest bathing on your own. I won’t make any promises, but I will say this: the experience can be profound, even transformational.


This book is therefore an invitation to trust your inner forest to guide you into a delightful practice among trees, whether you live in the countryside, suburbs or the city.

M. Amos Clifford

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