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Gut, by Julia Enders is a very informative, easy to understand book about the ‘the body’s most under-rated organ’.

The book is fantastically illustrated and offers pearls of wisdom about a lot of things people don’t want to talk about, but are so important to our overall health, such as why pooping is important, the ideal position to sit on the toilet, and how the gut has a direct link to things like food sensitivities, the immune system and our mood.

It takes the reader on a fascinating journey of the entire digestive system from the mouth, tonsils, digestive tract, stomach and intestines to the bowels, and highlights the vital role our gut bacteria play in our wellbeing.

It is clear that Enders is very passionate about the gut and doesn’t use complicated words to baffle the reader, but instead explains the science simply, using clever analogies and humour to make it a very enjoyable read.

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn more about the body, especially the digestive system. The overall aim is to have a  ‘better understanding of our bodies and how we live in them’ and to appreciate our gut bacteria, giving them the attention they rightfully need.

Alison Leighton

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