Stretching (pain management)

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Pain sensation is heightened by stress in the body, which can be exacerbated by emotional stress. Stretching helps the body and mind to relax, and research shows that stretching on regular basis is highly beneficial for pain relief, and chronic pain management.


Stretching exercises help maintain our full range of motion in our joints, allowing for better movement, coordination and balance. Staying flexible is therefore paramount as we age and our muscles get tighter, as stiff muscles restrict our motion, altering the correct body alignment, which can put nerves under pressure and trigger the pain cycle.  


Stretching also helps to improves our circulation, bringing nutrients to our muscles, connective tissue and cells, while removing waste by-products. Stretching helps to lengthen the muscles, gently increasing our range of motion, relieving stiffness.


In addition, breathing deeply with intention while stretching increases the oxygen flow, which nourishes our whole body and mind further, helping with releasing overall stress and improving the pain threshold.

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