Meditation (hormonal health)

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Hormonal Imbalance
Digestive Health

Meditation is a practice of stillness, using various techniques to train the mind relax on a very deep level, and create a safe space for processing one’s thoughts and achieving inner peace and harmony, where the mind and body can synchronise and self-regulate for a greater emotional balance, mental clarity, and overall health.

On a physiological level, meditation enables the parasympathetic nervous system and breath relax the whole body and calm the often overly stimulated mind, relieving any feelings of stress or anxiety, and bringing a sense of ease, as well as regulating the body chemistry for improved endocrine balance.

Meditation practice can be a solo pursuit, or a focused class with a group, or can be taught in a workshop. Many healthful modalities such as Yoga, Breathwork and Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku) incorporate various styles of meditations into their practice, and although there isn’t a right or wrong way to meditate, it is important to find a practice that is comfortable for each individual and meets their specific needs.

To explore meditation further, please check out our meditation expert Jeff Lester's offerings.

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