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Dry brushing is the simplest way to enhance our overall health and well-being.

Dry brushing enhances our blood flow, and activates the c-tactile afferent nerves, leaving the body feel calm yet invigorated. It is an Ayurvedic practice that has been around for centuries and has been practiced by many other ancient cultures. It is now being recognised as a simple and effective self-care which helps to contribute to overall wellbeing.

It involves ‘massaging’ the body surface by gently brushing dry skin with a dry and gently firm-bristled brush and performed in a particular sequence. *

The gentle friction of the brush (or combination of brushes) with combined pressure over various areas of the body boosts overall circulation, delivering oxygenated blood to all the organs and glands for optimal functioning, stimulating the various bodily systems such as the lymphatic system, digestive system and the immune system, whilst enhancing internal detoxification. 

Dry brushing also helps with skin exfoliation and the breakdown of fat deposits and cellulite (toxins trapped in fat deposits). The lymphatic fluid helps to flush these accumulated toxins and metabolic wastes, adding extra benefit of smoother looking skin.

* Our recommended video on how to dry brush effectively with Kelly Kennedy

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