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Your gut is the seat of your health. You have more than 4,000 square feet of intestinal lining working as a barrier to control what gets absorbed into the bloodstream. The gut can develop large cracks in response to a diet high in sugars, processed foods and alcohol, stress and environmental toxins. This triggers inflammatory processes and alters the gut flora which can lead to imbalances in the digestive tract and far reaching consequences to health.

Bio-Live Revive is your gut guardian. It is designed to soothe and treat inflammation anywhere along the digestive system from mouth to rectum. If you have gut health issues we recommend taking Revive for two months to repair the gut and gastrointestinal tract and then moving onto another Bio-Live probiotic within our range to maintain gut health.

Bio-Live Revive is:

- made with the amino acid L. Glutamine which is especially good for repairing the gut and supporting brain function

- enriched with 15 families of live cultures

- fermented with premium ingredients for digestive health

- gluten (independently tested as less then 20ppm), GM, wheat, dairy and sugar free

Sue and Jeff Allen