Tulsi Tea

Pain Management
Mental Wellbeing
Weight Management
Hormonal Imbalance
Digestive Health

For millennia, Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, has been revered as one of India’s most sacred herbs, recognised for its wide spectrum of healing and adaptogenic properties, and to this day remains highly regarded globally, due to its antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory compounds.


Drinking Tulsi Tea is especially helpful as its antioxidant properties help protect our cells from damage caused by free radicals, which are often the cause of illnesses and diseases.


Tulsi is known to enhance overall well-being as it helps to support the body’s immune system, while reducing any stress and anxiety, as well as promoting mental clarity.


Research reveals numerous recommendations from ancient sources for various health conditions, and today, supported by science, tulsi tea is used as a natural overall healer and an antidepressant.


Tulsi is now known to help with the following: Calming the nervous system which helps with the reduction of anxiety and stress, improves cognitive function, supports heart function, promotes cholesterol and high blood pressure regulation, promotes greater uptake of oxygen for better stamina, strength and endurance, supports the immune system, helps to regulate hormonal/endocrine levels, promotes respiratory health, helps with digestive issues, helps to facilitate liver function and detoxification, and helps to relieve inflammation in the body, and improves skin and hair health.

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