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If you consume dairy (milk, yoghurts and cheeses) on regular basis, and suffer with frequent headaches and your work involves hours at your computer, please read on…. There really is no need to rely on over-the-counter headache pills, instead, choose the natural way:



Headaches are a very common complaint that may be due to a wide variety of reasons. Most importantly, headaches need to be recognised as a symptom that something else in the body needs to be addressed.


Understanding or treating the root cause of your headaches will be the key to gaining some relief. Make sure you get frequent breaks from your computer to rest your eyes throughout the working day.


Stress and anxiety can trigger headaches, so incorporating daily self-massage into your life may ease muscular tension –the cause of the vast majority of headaches. Use warm and relaxing body oil containing Ashwagandha and Tulsi to strengthen and calm the nervous system. Also consider doing some stretches to counter-pose the time spent at the computer during the day. Regular Yoga practice eases tension and calms and relaxes the mind.


Sleep is the great healer, so ensure you are getting the rest and sleep your body requires. If you are not waking up refreshed in the morning and ready for the day ahead, you may not begetting the quality or quantity of sleep your body needs. Ashwagandha, Tulsi and Valerian are herbs which help us manage stress and tension and encourage a good night’s sleep.


Hormonal imbalance can also cause headaches, especially pre-menstrually. Shatavari is a nourishing female tonic and superb hormone balancer.


Your diet may also be an issue, so try to eat a wide variety of foods rather than relying on one or two particular food groups such as dairy and wheat. Triphala, a trio of Ayurvedic fruits cleanses and detoxifies the digestive system and is rejuvenating for the whole body.


Finally, please check your blood pressure, which may be a contributor to regular headaches.


Samantha Entwistle, Medical Herbalist

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