Address health issues that impact your quality of life

There is a growing pandemic of chronic illnesses, affecting our overall health and impacting our quality of life, which is not always effectively addressed by conventional medicine approaches.

People are actively seeking credible and trusted options which can provide a different lens to better manage their specific health concerns.

There is significant evidence that lifestyle medicine can provide effective solutions for both management and prevention of today’s chronic health conditions (physical and mental).
Lifestyle Medicine is a field that uses evidence-based complementary therapies and lifestyle practices in order to prevent and manage a wide range of health issues. This new paradigm of self-care and lifestyle approaches combines objective knowledge with subjective experiential practices to be at the forefront of daily living.

There is a rich ecosystem of complementary therapies that can be applied to health and healing in tandem with the mainstream medical care system. Lifestyle and complementary practices bring about balance and coherence which energises and rejuvenates the mind and body alike, and are easy to tap into with knowledge and trusted guidance.

Our Mission is to encourage everyone to proactively address their health issues that impact their quality of life by effectively addressing the root cause, not just symptoms. We aim to achieve this by creating awareness through trusted information and providing access to cost effective and easily actionable tools that can be adopted into everyday life.

Our philosophy is that health needs to be approached through a multi-faceted lens, as one type of discipline or treatment may not be sufficient to treat today’s overwhelming health conditions.

We started Śankō with a purpose to provide a wide spectrum of proven tools and therapies that give people confidence and motivation to take control of their own wellbeing. Every recommendation in Sanko’s personalised guidance has proven benefits and is backed by evidence.

A Novel Approach

One-stop evidence-based multi-faceted lifestyle medicine solutions, guiding users from education to practical, actionable advice to address multiple health issues.
Curated discovery
Awareness & discovery
Trusted information for specific health needs
Self management tools
Prevention & effective management
Curated self helps, natural remedies, nutrition, natural products...etc
Experiential advice
Addressing root cause
Multi-disciplinary therapies and practitioner consultations

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where every person can actively participate in their own well-being, prevent chronic illnesses, enjoy good health, and live a vibrant life.
"HEALTH is a state of being, whereas WELLNESS is the state of living a healthy lifestyle with a focus on overall health and leading a fulfilling life."